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What Is Protection?

What is Protection?      

In recent times I have had an extraordinary number of people requesting crystals that will help protect them. I always find this to be a fascination question as it’s very important to know what somebody means by the term protection and what do they want protecting from.

Protection can mean that somebody is experiences what they think is bad luck or simply that their life has take a turn that they did not expect or want. (Citrine, Imperial Topaz, Sunstone for a positive outlook on life).

Protection may mean that somebody is sensitive to feeling or noticing negative energies being given off by others, or that they feel they are being talked about in an unkind way. (Blue topaz to take you beyond it, Hematite to ground, Lapis Lazuli to strengthen your aura.)

Protection may mean that somebody just feels unsettles by what’s happening in the world or they want to counteract the effects of astrological influences. (Crystals for your personal astrology, Botswana Agate to alleviate worry.)

Some people want protection from what they can feel being given off from mobile phone masts, wireless networks, computers, tv’s etc. (Black tourmaline, clear quartz.)

Some have been told by others that they need protection from entities or that they have an Entity Attachment.

All in all the biggest commonality in somebody requesting protection is that there is some sort of fear present. Fear is just something that is not understood or not yet known. (Obsidian)


It’s very difficult to step into somebody else’s shoes to experience what they are experiancing, it’s not very healthy on yourself even if you can. So it’s good to ask specific questions and to take a good look at the person in front of you. How are they behaving, are they of sound mind, how is their health?

Some people say that if you have psychic experiences where you see or hear phenomenon then you must have a mental health problem. Well I’m not a medical person and would never suggest that I know anything about medical practices, but I do find it fascinating that there does seem to an interesting line between a hallucination and a psychic experience. In my opinion (which has no grounding in medical knowledge at all I might add), a psychic experience may be or may not be about yourself, but just being able to notice subtle energies that are latent within an environment. The difference maybe the reaction to what is noticed.

Somebody whose diet isn’t very good, because they are not getting all the right vitamins and minerals in their body, may also have phenomenon experiences. This may generate a lot of fear because they are noticing energies within their environment that they don’t yet understand, so their imagination takes over.  The imagination can be very powerful but not necessarily very helpful.

A good balanced diet creates a healthy mind and body as well as a healthy emotional state. When a person eats and drinks well, avoids the usual things that heighten emotional states like, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and recreational drugs you often find a person is able to deal with situations and life events in a more rational and objective way. It’s when we feel out of control that we believe we need assistance.

Then there is simply being sensitive. Some people are just aware of things that they may not be able to explain.

What to do next.

All of the above sensitivities, although with subtle varieties can be helped. Confidence, strength and courage are huge factors in somebody taking responsibility for their life and creating change. Being stuck is when there is a feeling that the world is conspiring against them. This isn’t the case when you really think about it. It’s when action is not being applied. Learning to forgive and accept yourself as well as others, being willing to make a change within yourself and within your own personality. You can make a change by noticing the reflections in the world around you, by what you are putting out there. This is a huge life lesson which a lot of people chose to ignore. What you put out is what you get back (reaping what you sow, so to speak). Crystals that can help with these are Tigers eye, any Jasper, Agate, Hematite, Smokey quartz, Rose quartz, Petalite, Aquamarine, Morganite.

If somebody is too sensitive, then quite probably they are just not grounded in this reality. A good dose of Iron and eating carbohydrates like potatoes and pasta, reduce sugar and caffeine and alcohol intake, for example are great for reducing over sensitivity. I know because I was one of these. Now I’m grounded, I still notice all kinds of subtle energies but I’m not consumed by it. This is also true for those who are sensitive to wireless frequencies and those frequencies that electrical equipment give out. In such cases I’d recommend turning off such equipment when not in use, limiting the use of the equipment. Having a quartz crystal  cluster nearby, may stop you taking on the effects of such things by strengthening your aura. Black tourmaline is also very good for grounding these energies.

The Key I think for living a fear free life is being able to deal with life not being consumed by it. Everything in the universe is changing, nothing stays the same but yet some people find change extremely difficult. Is this due to expectation of what sort of life they think they should be living or expect to be living?  It’s very difficult to predict what’s around the corner (unless somebody is stuck in habits) so all you can do is deal with what’s directly in front of you. Something’s in life are easy something’s are not. It’s allowing yourself to be stronger individuals, taking responsibility for your own actions. How to make a change? Well this takes an action in the right direction.

Now, what is an entity? Why would somebody say that you would have one?

I’ve been down this route when I was so open to ideas and others people’s beliefs that I forgot to stop and take a good look and have a good think.

Some people believe that an entity attachment is a creature that exists in the astral. If somebody is weak then the entity can attach itself to you through holes in your aura. I’m not denying that they exist or do not exist only to take a look at it with a questioning mind.


This reality that we live in is very solid, we use our 5 senses to experience our reality and those with developed sixth sense can notice subtle energies that pass through this reality. Anything that is of a finer energy than this reality, cannot attach itself to anything of this reality. There are many habits that exist within our selves, some are useful but many are not. Some habits that some people have are for example, over eating of fatty foods, over indulgence of alcohol, over use of recreational drugs, abusive behaviour, emotional manipulation, I’m sure you can think of many more. When a habit becomes out of hand because of persistent attention, it can over time become crystallized into a geometry (entity) that becomes a part of you in some way which can be notice within your aura. The only way to rid yourself of such an ‘entity’ is to change your habits. Look to yourself first if somebody says you have an entity attachment, it is after all a part of you that needs addressing. Crystals that are good to deal with change are Moldavite, Moonstone, Tekite, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Faden Quartz, Amethyst.
By Bev McDonnell



This article is based upon my opinions and experiences only. I have no medical or scientific fact supporting them.


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