Thursday, 13 September 2012

Choosing a Healthy Path

I have been vegetarian for about ten years. Before that, I used to eat a lot of meat. In fact my mother used to say, that I would have to marry the butcher’s daughter.

In 2001, I began to meditate and discovered that the lighter I became the more I noticed in my meditation. This all resonated deeply inside me. I had been looking for answers and truth all my life. I had read a lot, but in the back of my being, hidden under the layers habit and society’s dogma, was a part of me that knew I would have to make some changes. Ever since I began, actively searching for the truth, I knew that meditation and vegetarianism would be part of this journey.

Soon after I had become vegetarian I stopped smoking too. What a massive difference that made. I didn’t realise how often I used to think about smoking. How I used to plan my day and journeys around creating an opportunity for a sneaky toke. At the time of giving up, I had been smoking for more than 15 years. Literally the smoke cleared around me. I found myself thinking clearly, with focus and intent for the first time in years. I also had ample money in my pocket for the first time. What a change.
I settled nicely into vegetarianism and continued to eat really well. I used to make a fantastic Sri Lankan Veggie Mincemeat curry with Dahl and white rice. Cheese took a kingly place at the table. Bev used to love pizzas. Many thanks to Harpos for their wonderful veggie pizzas. The shop was taking off and we were working long hours. We used to eat late at night after work and very rarely have breakfast. We were very happy. I remember going to Brasil on a buying trip about 5 years ago. We were in the hotel room and one morning on my way to the bathroom I passed a mirror. I was startled to see my very large belly long before I saw my face. How had I managed to get so big ?

I made a conscious decision to look more closely at my diet. Energetically I was much lighter by being vegetarian but I had supplemented that with additional food at silly times. The first thing I did was stop eating late at night. It was a small step but the weight slowly began to drop off.

There is something really magical about doing work on yourself. I felt better that I had made a change and it gave me a boost. I started having breakfast and lunch and eating less at night. The weight shifted again. I watched my pulse rate drop to under 90 for the first time in years. It is currenty 62. About 2 years ago I started meeting some wonderful people, who were much more health conscious. I guess my excitement at becoming more healthy, naturally led me to having conversations with a new crowd of people about health and well being.

I began to learn about the food revolution and my curiosity was aroused. When I was living in Brasil, I used to eat Acai every day. It was the most amazing food I had ever eaten. It brought an incredible balance to my whole system. Even in those days, whilst still eating meat I had recognised the qualities of this amazing fruit. The smoothie bars in Rio de Janeiro could be a new wonder of the modern world. I used to have smoothies every day. The fruit there is a kaleidoscope of goodness. You can buy combinations of fruits and vegetables specifically designed for various purposes. Immune boost, energy boost, balancing, grounding, uplifting were just a few among the options available. Wow, there are fruits there that I have never heard of. Acerola, ten times more vitamin C than a lemon or Camu Camu ten times more vitamin c than an Acerola. A veritable garden of nutritious delights. Slowly, I began to remember the health conscious attitude I had, when I was travelling for 4 years in Brasil. I had strayed from the healthy path.

It is amazing what happens when you change your intention, just slightly. I had just decided to be healthier and put a little bit of energy in that direction. Gently, I have found myself having different conversations, being open to new information, remembering the useful and positive parts of my life that are part of this internal healthy revolution. Finding this healthy revolution in the people around me and enjoying the journey with them. Just being open to change, invites some of the most wonderful opportunities directly to your door.

Just 20 months ago, we got the nod from the estate agents that we could have the café. It’s just natural, that in deciding to become more healthy and to change our habits, that this opportunity, that we have been hoping for over the past 10 years has finally matured. I am learning that just a small conscious shift in intention and a little energy applied can lead to some remarkable results.

We began to talk to people about the café, about our hopes and dreams for it. People of a similar mind, heart and intention naturally came closer to us. We found ourselves being advised and guided by some wonderful people, who have been working on themselves and with food for longer than us.

About 6 months ago, a good friend of ours asked if we could accommodate a Brasilian and a Columbian for a few weeks. We were very excited, but had no idea how fortuitous the visit would be. Nelsa turned out to be a nutritionist, acupuncturist and all round super healthy person. What a joy to receive her. We allowed her to look after all the food organisation. We began each day early, with a three course breakfast of fruit, toasties and porridge. Sometimes we would have a specific food item like pineapple with pineapple tea. She put food together in such an intelligent manner. We also had a good lunch and found ourselves having a light salad for tea. I had never eaten so well. Nelsa told us that it is best to eat like a king or queen at breakfast, like a prince or princess at lunch and like a pauper for supper. We talked about how different organs come online at different times. In particular, the stomach comes online early in the morning, drops down a gear after 12pm and almost stops after 3pm. We had our sweet stuff in the morning, like honey and agave nectar, as the stomach can process these types of food better in the morning. I had never, eaten or felt so healthy in my life. Thank you Nelsa, for turning up just at the right time to help us on the next step of our journey to a healthier life. Martha, who also stayed with us at this time, is responsible for the Quinoa salad that is currently on the menu. Thank you Martha for this classic Columbian salad.

I began to learn about the alkali diet and the delicate balance of Ph within the body. Armed with this new information, I began to choose foods that helped me to maintain a healthy Ph in my own body. I started drinking a little bicarbonate of soda in my water. Wow, I noticed a calmness in my body that reflected the calmness that I get when I meditate. I had no idea that my body had been fighting the acid for so long.

About 3 months ago, a few people began to come a little closer to us. They have continued our education about healthy food and diet. So many thanks to Steve the Clown, Susan Laing and Phillipa. I am very happy to announce that Phillipa will be joining the Global Tribe team in the café, next week. We look forward to her knowledge, Gluten free and vegan cakes as well as her raw food and delightful smile.

I feel like we are at the threshold of something wonderful. I look forward to the following years as we continue to meet the people of the world who are choosing to make a difference and are not scared to take a look at themselves and start there. Wow, there is an inspiring bunch of people in this area. Each gifted in different ways, willing to shine and be part of the next stage in our evolution.

To walk lightly upon the planet.

To take care and respect our own bodies and that of mother earth.

To get educated and to challenge the status quo.

To offer a new perspective from big Pharmaceuticals and their antiquated ways.


I am happy to say that I am not a Doctor and my words here are just my opinions. These opinions have come from my own research and should not be substituted for Medical Fact.

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Sandra Swift said...

Thank you Mario for sharing your journey. Experiencing the effects of different foods on the body is key to making positive changes. It is always inspiring to hear how others have got to where they are. I think your attention to detail and openness to working with others who have a good knowledge of nutrition is reflected in the delicious and colourful food that you serve, in what I can only describe as the best vegetarian/vegan cafe in Leeds. Sandrax