Thursday, 20 September 2012

Is it that time of year again ?

Is it that time of year again ?

I am astounded at how fast this year has slipped by. Last week we received our 2013 Calendars and Diaries. Both, Bev and I were extremely surprised. Summer slipped by in an Olympic haze. Spring was a blur of café creation. Autumn has arrived with winds and cooler but sunny days.

With the arrival of Calendars for 2013, we became promptly assured that the end of the world was not on the horizon and that time would continue its listless progression. Comforted that the Mayan calendar had simply run out and that they forgot to order the next 5125 year cycle, we had a quick look around the store and both started making mental lists.

This will be our 14th Christmas at Global Tribe Crystals and our 1st in Global Tribe Café. Each year we begin to look at Christmas stock and gifts in September and October. Can you believe that we order the bulk of our calendars and date books in March ? Each year the process gets easier and easier. I remember the second Christmas and all the flurry and nervousness around what to order and how many ?

These days it’s all a lot simpler and easier. There are a few companies that we simply love to order from. Our three main suppliers are Fair Trade and have amazing ethics. It’s not something that we have advertised, but a large percentage of our products are Fairly Traded.  Maroma is one of our favourite suppliers and they have an amazing track record. They are Fair trade, they use lead free glazes, sustainably produced packaging and vegetable dyes in their packaging.

Another company is inspired by Buddhist values and ethos. They regularly give to many charities and support some fantastic schemes to help communities throughout the world. When we first met them, their representative introduced himself as a Buddhist Monk. Then he told us that many of the employees are also monks.

We also work with some individuals who go to various places and work closely with specialist craftsmen and women. One of our suppliers regularly travels to Nepal, where she purchases the best quality singing bowls that we have found. She buys these directly from the makers, who hand raise each bowl. She has a wonderful heart and does a lot of work for animals and animal charities in Nepal, working with local vets.

We have a very simple attitude when it comes to business. We only work with nice people who have good attitudes and ethics. It makes life so much more beautiful, when we have a good relationship with our suppliers and we know their ethics are sound.

We are finding some excellent suppliers for the café too. Just today I contacted a UK firm that works with ethical food suppliers all over the world. They have been recommended to us by some fantastic nutritionists in Yorkshire. I am happy to say that they pride themselves in knowing the origin of their food produce and how their people are treated. These little extras make it much easier for Bev and I to do business.

We know that the money we spend on stock for the shop or food for the café, is given to companies that have a clear conscience and will use that money in an ethical way. That’s how Bev and I shop and I have heard from many of our clients, that they shop this way too. If politics isn’t helping, we can always vote with our pounds. We can support businesses that work in ethical and conscious ways.

So for me it’s back to ordering for the madness which is to come. We will keep you posted as to the new products that we will begin to stock as they come in. There are a few new ranges due in. These include Fresh loose teas ( yes, the ones we serve in the café), the glassware that we serve them in and  some very exciting new style oil burners.

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