Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shifting Sands

Times are changing.

There's some movement a foot right now. Directions are changing, people are changing. Depending on your filters, these changes may be good , some may not. There was a time in our recent past where people seemed to take their guidance from the establishment, from government, religions and banks.

These days people are starting to ask more probing questions about themselves, the world, their place in the world and institutions. There was a time when many fully believed what we heard on the radio or TV. Are we now beginning to wonder what merry ride we are being led on?

Ask those deeper questions, and probe under the surface.

Make your own enquiries.

How much power do politicians have, to change our Nations ?

Do we really have a choice ? is this really a democracy ? When both parties seem to be the same, doing the same things.

Has the disposable era finally ended ? Did it really only last 40 years? Are we going back to the milkman and deposits on bottles?

Surely there are things from the past that were good and worth repeating.

Are we finally going to see the new range of electric cars?

There is a car called the Tesla roadstar in the marketplace right now it can do 0-60mph in 3.9secs, 22o mile range and top speed 125mph ( electronically limited).

The future is here. We can choose to support our vision of the future by voting with our pounnds. The best way to see intelligent businesses and products succeed and become part of our future is to purchase them.

How did we ever forget that the power is in the hands of the many ? not the few !!

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