Saturday, 29 November 2008

Great day in the shop and creating our realities around us.

What an amazing day we have had today. The vibe in the shop was positively buzzing all day. This won't surprise any of our regular customers, who know that Global Tribe is always a wonderful place to be. Today just had some of the finest, beautiful people in the world passing through the doors.
We have surprised ourselves with the amount of jewellery that was loved and bought today. So thanks to all our customers, especially all those who came in today.
You know it really is a delight to be invovled in this wonderful industry. There is an old saying that, if you love your job then you'll never habe to work again. Now, that said, I am really lucky to be able to work in such a fantastic supportive environment and to meet such a fine distribution of delightfull people.
Some days the vibe is just on, and today was one of those splendid days..

Is it in the planets ? or do we have more control in the creation of the reality that we find ourselves ?
I just had dinner with a group of 10 NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) Master Practitioners. Certainly a group of people who are learning to use and develop skills that begin to facilitate great changes in their environments and also in the way that they view or perceive their respective realities.
so how much is our reality affected by the filters that we use to describe our realities to ourselves ?

Following on from the considerations above, i wonder..

does we just sit in our reality/environment ?
or do we create our realities by our thoughts, wishes, fears, dreams and aspirations ?

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