Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Global Tribe Family.

Here at Global Tribe our Little centre of happiness and joy that feeds both Mind, Body and Spirit in more ways than one! Your senses will be over whelmed.

Our shop offers a host of products for the Healer, The Spiritual Seeker, The Shamon, The Collector and everyone else of all ages, lifestyles and beliefs, YES EVERYONE!
We sell Crystals from around the World, some of which we source ourselves. Incense from India (Nag Champa range, Maroma Auroville essential oils incense), Resin Incense, Essential Oils, Smudge Stickes, Native American Indian Jewellery, Silver Jewellery Talismans, Mens Jewellery, Crystal Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Healing tools, Books, Tarot, Pendulums, chimes, Singing Bowls, Tingshaw Bells, Candles for nice smells (Beeswax, Soya, Vegetable wax) as well as Dinner Candles and Ritual Candles, Sun Catchers for Feng Shui and soooo much more!!! We have only a small taster of what we actually sell on our website, we have so much more in our physical shop in Leeds City Centre. Drop in and take some leaflets to see what groups, course and events are happening in and around the city.
Come and see our team Mario, Bev, Emma, Annaly, Collette, Donovan

Our Cafe brings you a taste sensation that really does fill your physical body with nutritional goodness. We love food and we want to show that Vegetarian and Vegan food can be very very tasty indeed by Danny our Head Chef. We also cater for Raw food diets and delectable hand made Raw Chocolate by the lovely Philippa our Raw Chef who is a genious at combining unusual flavours in her very popular raw deserts.
Our Creative team in the cafe are Danny, Philippa, Sidalicious, Alex, Hazel, Collette, Mandy and Donovan

IF you fancy a pamper then you can always have a Holistic massage, Aromatherapy, Crystal Massage, Aura Soma or even Reiki. Contact Emma for info about her team at Bliss@GlobalTribe 07707569842 located in the top floor of the building.

All good things come to those who wait! This is so true, from the 22nd April our cafe will be open Mondays.  Our new Monthly Acoustic night will be starting on the 19th April. We also want to develop talks on all kinds of topics related to Health, Well Being and Spiritruality, sp watch this SPACE!

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