Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Haiku Poem
'Ice on the side walks
A discarded Christmas tree
Shelters the sparrows’
You may think it strange that I've called this post SPRING then show you a winter scene.
Well there is a reason to this madness, as it will all unfold. Please read on.................
Goodbye 2012, hello 2013 and hello winter!

So many people I have spoken to are so relieved that they got through 2012 (with a huge sigh of relief). They are also very optimistic about this year.  Whether this is wish full thinking or informed with  astrological knowledge or even psychic foresight, I don’t know. I do think however, that so many people are looking forward with positive attitudes, hope and endurance (learnt from last year, that they can survive  just about anything) that the potential for this year to be great, is real. A collection of good thoughts and intentions by many, could only be a good thing for great things to happen. 'A smile creates other smiles as you walk down the street, then this too spreads.'

The  world  can throw  up many challenges. Already we have seen Jessop’s the high street store chain close, also Comet has now ceased to exist.  HMV is now in the firing line. Perhaps more will follow, but what does this mean?

 Like everything in life and death, it’s just another cycle. Even though some cycles that end can be very painful, what comes from this can be a great opportunity, for healing, growth,understanding or even change.  It’s like spring, new shoots will appear and new life, new ideas, innovations, new businesses will open with anticipation of what will happen. I see this year to be very exciting. It’s a year of potential, giving it a go. If there is something that you really want to achieve, why not do it now? We do not know what the future will bring as there are so many surprises in life.

These challenges in life can appear and feel like the end of our own world, but when perceived differently can be a great opportunity for change. There is nothing wrong with starting again time and time again, after all we have spring every year and winter every year too. There are many cycles, some are short and some are long. Being flexible within yourself, your actions and your ability to adapt will set you in good stead for these unpredictable times. There is only one life so look after your health, physical and mental, be kind and gentle to your self, be patient,  give your self every opportunity to be and do what you want. Every situation will have different perspectives.

A discarded Christmas tree may seem sad, reflecting upon the past, where it has been, then forgotten. From another perspective, it has been given a new life as shelter for sparrows.

Wishing you all a truely wonderful 2013.

By Bev McDonnell





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