Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Workshops, New Menu, New Therapists

Well it's been a very busy month here at Global Tribe.


I hear it's been busy all over the World too. The astrology has been very tricky for us all. The good news is that the second half of this year promises to be much gentler. At one point there were 5 planets in retrograde motion and a very strong square between Jupiter and Saturn. 

Everyday seems to get a little bit lighter and the smiles are starting to return. Well done everyone, decisions have been made, directions for our future have emerged and old beliefs and patterns have been dissolved.

 We have run two amazing crystal awareness courses at the Hilton, DoubleTree. This is the new home for our courses and workshops. They have really loked after us and we are very happy running more events in this beautiful and peaceful hotel. The introduction day went really smoothly with just the nicest group working really well together exploring the esoteric, healing and spiritual aspects of crystals.

Then, we ran the advanced crystal course, which is only open to those who have attended the introduction course. We had a splendid day exploring the more subtle aspects of crystals, energy and consciousness. We have been meditating for over 15 years and this course really works on stillness and how this can open the doors of perception to the subtle realms of the Universe.

There will also be an introduction to Meditation workshop at The Quaker Meeting House on Woodhouse Lane , opposite the University Mechanical Engineering building, next to the Eldon Pub.
The workshop is £65 and will be on the 6th August. For more details click here.

Our next course will be an introduction to Kundalini. This course comes in two parts and will again be at the Hilton DoubleTree. Even though we have not even set a date, the course is already filling up nicely. We are looking to run the kundalini course in September, so look out for the posters and flyers in the coming weeks.

Global Tribe Cafe has been equally busy, with the new Spring Summer menu. Teleri one of our team has also put her Art Degree to good use and done the graphics for the menu for us. It looks beautiful Tel. Some of the new dishes include Vegan Chinese fried rice with battered pineapple ring and Vegan "Prawn" Toast, Fasolakia, Vegan quiche and the all new Global Tribe Breakfast including Aubergine "bacon", avocado and mexican beans. New juices and smoothies also adorn the wonderful menu. 


Our Chiropodist from Bliss Therapies @ Global Tribe has finally gone to live in Hawaii. She has passed on the baton for her clients to Chris, who is as jovial a fellow as they come. Emma work her magic with her steady stream of clients. For more information on therapists click here.

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